No. 4 - Double Stands

No. 4 - Double Stands

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Yarn Information:

Double Strand:
Double Knit Sock Blanks in Platinum Sock
75% Superwash Merino, 25% Nylon
463 yds/100g knitted blank

Two strands of yarn are knitted together at the same time to create the double stranded sock blank. Knit directly from the blank, two socks at a time.

Disclaimer: These blanks have a right and wrong side to pull from. I was careful during the dyeing and drying process to try to not have the right end pull. If some of the yarn is pulled out a little, it has zero affect on the overall product! :)

Please keep in mind that these skeins are hand dyed in small batches. Photos are of exact, ready to ship products. Based on computer/phone screen, skeins may appear different then actual product.