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Heather Fiege


I’m so happy that you have found my little slice of heaven on this big old internet. I have loved crocheting for years, my father actually taught me how to crochet when I was younger. That passion of mine grew from doing small projects, very simplistic projects to now having my own Crochet Tutorial Blog called Falling For Crochet.

I told my family that my OCD (Obsessive Crochet Disorder) would inevitably pay off ;)

Through all this personal growth and love for the fiber arts, I found myself always on Pinterest and Youtube looking for my next crochet project and that’s when the topic of yarn dyeing came into the picture.

One Youtube tutorial led to another, to another and before I knew it I was online looking at all the proper materials needed to dye my own yarn. I’m one of those artist individuals that “go big or go home” and with that mindset, I purchased a few bulk skeins of yarns and some gorgeous acid dyes online. I figure it was better to have more inventory than less to give me more room to play with colors and different techniques! What's the worse that could happen? I'm not good at it? Well, that'll be a lesson learned and then a simple moving on would be the result.

But that wasn't the case!

Throughout the journey of trial and error and seeing how the dyes work with the water and yarns, I had fallen in love with the art of Yarn Dyeing. The bare yarn is very similar to a blank canvas and the dyes are my paints.

I find so much enjoyment going onto Pinterest and researching colorways inspired by nature, foods, holidays, you name it!

I, in fact, have an anxiety disorder that comes out in the form of “tics” and when I am feeling overwhelmed by my disorder, I find comfort in my yarns, crocheting and letting my artistic mind wander into something that I find peaceful, beautiful, and something I authentically enjoy.

So keep an eye out for all my newest products that I have in the works!

You can follow me on my Instagram – @pumpkinsandwool

I’m ALWAYS posting new stories, polls, sneak peeks, and photos of projects I’m working on, in addition to store updates. I’d love to be friends with you and see what awesomeness you are crocheting/knitting.

Well, I think that is it for now!

Much love,



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